IFC Water Congress looks forward to 2020



We are delighted to welcome you to the 2nd IFC – Water Congress on the 30 September and 1 October 2020 in Messecenter Herning.

For second time is there IFC-Water congress together with International Food Contest and we have an exciting program aimed for the food industry participants. We are looking forward to 2 interesting, memorable and inspiring days in Herning!


The theme of the congress is “Water in the Food Industry” and covers the sustainability agenda that the food industry as well as the rest of the world is facing today.


One opening keynote speaker will kick off the congress with a broad overview of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in relation to water in the food industry.

The congress will be divided into 3 sessions with new water technology aspects for the food industry and applied technology and case studies.


The sessions will focus on 3 thematic areas:  

Session 1:      Water Reduce in the Food industry - in relation to Sustainability, Food safety and Rethink

Session 2:      Water Reuse in the Food industry – in relation to Sustainability, Food safety and Rethink

Session 3:      Water Recycle in the Food industry Sustainability, Food safety and Rethink


The ambition is to convert the newest research in these areas into applicable solutions for the food industry. The congress will end with a panel debate to discuss the water challenges in Food industry.


The congress will provide a platform to exchange knowledge and experiences between the food industry and water experts and to learn more when Food Companies and water experts contribute their newest knowledge on applied technology and case studies on the congress theme.



We hope to see you in Herning for the 2nd IFC -Water Congress 2020.


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